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ChemPartner has conducted 120-150 PK studies per week and served many pharmacokinetics (PK) clients.

  • AAALAC and OLAW accredited animal facilities with access to broad ranges of animal species
  • State-of-the-art instruments
  • Extensive experience in PK model development with comprehensive in vivo techniques such as surgical operation and animal care
  • Formulation support for in vivo studies including formulation screening, development, and formulation recommendation for various species and strains
  • PK/PD data analysis, modeling, and simulation
  • Regulatory filing support


Animal Species

  • Mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, dog, monkey, and mini pig


Dose Route

  • IV, PO, SC, IP, IM, IV infusion, SC infusion, intranasal (IN), intratracheal (IT) and intracerebral ventricular (ICV), rectal, AZ pump, topical administration etc.



  • Tail vein, jugular vein, facial vein, submandibular, CSF (cisternae; spinal cord), tear, lymph, all tissues etc.


Comprehensive Surgery Techniques

  • Portal vein cannulation
  • Mesenteric lymph duct cannulation
  • Bile duct cannulation (rat, dog, and monkey)
  • Intraduodenal administration
  • Terminal CSF collection (mice) and survival CSF collection (rat, mini pigs, dog, and monkey)


Biological Matrix

  • Blood, plasma, urine, tissue, CSF, brain, sciatic nerve, DRG, lymph node, bone marrow and all other tissues.


Formulation Development

  • Clear solution strategy for IV dosing
  • Suspension formulation strategy for chronic toxicity study
  • Simulated intestinal fluid (SIF) and simulated gastric fluid (SGF) dilution study for in vivo precipitation and super-saturation prediction
  • Advanced formulation approach (microsuspension, nanosuspension or solid dispersion)


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