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With years of experience with the purification of recombinant proteins expressed from various systems, the services ChemPartner’s protein science group provides cover a wide range of areas, including antibody research, integrated services, and customized protein production.

Antibody Research

We have rapid, large-scale antibody production capability for industrial clients, including antibodies of various isotypes and species, Fc-fusion proteins, and antibody fragments with various tags.

  • From DNA sequence to final products in a few weeks
  • Flexible scales of mAbs/fusion proteins production, up to 20g
  • Large-scale transient transfection of CHO or HEK293 cells, up to 200L
  • Capable of parallel processing tens of proteins
  • Flexible multi-step protein purification
  • High purity and quality suitable for pre-clinical evaluation of drug leads

Integrated Services Support

Our team delivers high-quality protein products to support therapeutic antibody and small molecule drug development programs.

  • Expression vector design and construction
  • Choice of expression systems for optimal results: E.coli, yeast, Baculovirus/insect cells, and mammalian cell systems
  • Expertise with difficult-to-express proteins
  • Flexible, multi-step protein purification to meet project requirements
  • Rapid scale-up production of proteins for final products
  • High protein purity and quality
  • Strong in-house assay team

Customized Protein Production

We have a strong team of experts who specialize in many different skills, such as construct optimization, troubleshooting purification protocols, folding and refolding, the mutation for function study, specific labeling, and more.

Protein Expression Capability and Capacity

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Purification Techniques

  • Affinity – Protein A/G/L, Ni-Sepharose, Glutathione-Sepharose, Anti-FLAG-Agarose
  • SEC – Columns 100 ml -2 L
  • IEC – DEAE, MonoS, MonoQ
  • HIC


  • Columns 1-2000 ml, for 1-10000 mg proteins, 1-3 steps
  • Exploration and lager scale purification of final products
  • >40 AKTA systems currently in operation
  • 12 AKTA systems capable of automation and 3D purification process

Product QC Analyses

  • Routine analyses include SDS-PAGE, A280 nm, Bradford assay, SEC-HPLC
  • Endotoxin level, RP-HPLC, MS, DLS, and N-terminal residue analysis upon request
  • Analytical group provides additional sophisticated analytical services upon request


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