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ChemPartner’s in vitro biology team has worked with hundreds of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies establishing, optimizing, and running assays. We have screened millions of compounds and generated extensive, quality data for our customers. Our team of scientists is led by senior experts with rich international drug discovery experience, enabling the generation of rapid and high-value solutions that our partners require for their programs.

Our team is constantly studying the development and validation of a large variety of assays, covering GPCRs, kinases, nuclear hormone receptors, metabolic enzymes, epigenetic enzymes, ligand-gated ion channels, and transporters. The team also focuses on executing high-throughput screening campaigns in strict accordance with customer requirements.

Our state-to-the-art technologies include FLIPR, HTRF, AlphaScreen, radioactivity detection and analysis, FACS, LC/MS, and nanoliter liquid handling system. Additionally, we’re continually expanding and deepening our capabilities. The team recently added a high-throughput screening automation system and label-free technology. The robust assay reproducibility, rapid problem-solving skills, and quick adaptability to clients’ research needs are some of the unique strengths of our team.

ChemPartner’s in vitro biology team works closely with our chemistry, biology, pharmacology, DMPK, and toxicology departments in collaborative project teams to discover and advance compounds in hit-to-lead, lead optimization, and early-stage drug development programs. ChemPartner is committed to conducting research with the same scientific rigor and sense of urgency as our biopharmaceutical partners.


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