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ChemPartner’s peptide chemistry group includes US-based project team leadership backed by a team of peptide chemists in Shanghai. Our projects are truly partnered with biotech and pharmaceutical clients, both large and small, to advance therapeutic candidates. Our peptide chemists excel in combining peptide design and synthesis efforts to drive projects forward and efficiently deliver on client-specified design goals and project timelines.

Peptide Medicinal Chemistry

  • • Leaders with 15+ years of experience in therapeutic peptide discovery programs with biotech and pharmaceutical companies
    • Expert peptide design coupled with computational design and lead optimization
    • Strong, open lines of communication in all directions and real-time consultation for clients globally on projects and progress
    • Efficient collaboration to thoroughly review data, troubleshoot technical issues, and deliver results with data-driven recommendations on strategy and the path forward
    • Project management of the cross-functional team and client consultation on project scope


  • Strong group leadership with years of experience in peptides and peptidomimetics synthesis, characterization, and conjugation combined with strong capability in various building block syntheses.
  • Multiple peptide synthesizers to enable library syntheses as well as supporting purification and characterization instrumentation.
  • Cyclic peptide library production
    • Macrocycles and macrocycle libraries
    • Multiple disulfide-bridged peptides
    • RCM “stapled” peptides
    • 1,2,3-Triazole cyclic or bridged peptides
    • CLIPS cyclic peptides
    • Thiol-ether cyclization
  • Novel linker synthesis and peptide backbone modifications
    • Unnatural amino acid and peptoid building block synthesis
    • Peptide labelling
      • Fluorescein, FRET, isotopes, click handle, etc.
    • Substrate peptide synthesis
      • protease inhibitors, peptides with warhead
    • Peptide conjugates
      • PDC, GalNAc-peptide conjugate, Folate conjugated peptide
    • Protein synthesis
      • Synthesis up to 150 AA via ligation
    • Other modifications
      • PEGylation, glycosylation, sulfation, phosphorylation, etc

Supporting Capabilities

  • Peptide synthesis scale: up to 20g
  • Unnatural amino acid building blocks synthesis scale: up to 20g
  • Purity: up to 99% (by request)
  • Salt form: TFA, HCl, acetate, NH4+
  • QC: LCMS (identity), 2D NMR (identity), RP-HPLC (purity), and ee% (by request)


1F & 3F, Block A
2829 JinKe Road
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
PuDong New Area
Shanghai China, 201203


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