ChemPartner Receives 2017 Best Life Science CRO Award from GHP

ChemPartner was named Best Life Science CRO in the 2017 Global Health & Pharma (GHP) Magazine Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards. This award is part of the 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards, which recognizes the best-in-class organizations, departments and individuals of the year in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. GHP has a readership of over 250,000 people, and an interview with Livia Legg about ChemPartner’s services and success is featured in the awards edition of the magazine.

Best Life Science CRO 2017

ChemPartner is a leading research organization providing high-quality and cost-effective services for the biopharmaceutical industry. We invited Livia Legg, Chief Commercial Officer, to discuss the services the company offers and explore the services behind its success.

As a world-class organization with exceptional scientists and experienced leaders, ChemPartner understands what it takes to be the partner of choice for drug discovery and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies look for service organizations that can provide intellectual input, along with technical expertise. ChemPartner stands out to be not only a global contract research and manufacturing organization (CRO/CMO), but also a true pharmaceutical alliance partner.  Livia Legg, Chief Commercial Officer, discusses the firm’s specific focus.

“Since its inception in 2002, ChemPartner has evolved from a pure chemistry provider located in China to a global drug discovery and development service organization with laboratories and business operation in China, the US, Europe, and Japan. In addition to chemistry, our portfolio services include Biology, Biologics, Drug Metabolism Pharmacokinetic (DMPK), and Chemical Manufacturing and Control (CMC) for both small molecule and biologic therapeutics. Our growth and transformation are fueled by successfully operating a business model based on operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and value creation.”

Experience is a key factor in the success of ChemPartner. The company and its staff of experts are fully dedicated to helping clients to reach time-sensitive goals and to fulfill high expectations, something Livia explains.

“Over the past 15 years in business, ChemPartner has acquired deep institutional knowledge and experience as well as demonstrated a track record of success. Our leadership team has breadth and depth of knowledge in drug discovery gained through many years of pharmaceutical industry experience. Our scientists provide intellectual input to our clients and jointly solve complex scientific and technical problems.”

As with any major company, ChemPartner must offer something unique in order to attract business and clients. ChemPartner does this by working cohesively, both internally and with clients, and by boasting a high-quality team collaborating on a worldwide basis as Livia points out.

“ChemPartner is compromised of experienced, dedicated, and passionate individuals with a love for science and commitment to service. Our motto at ChemPartner is One Team, Our Success. This operational philosophy guides how we think and act, and is evident in the way we communicate, coordinate, and collaborate with our colleague and clients. Additionally, we balance the benefits of global reach with the need for local presence by operating laboratories and offices in major pharma/biotech hubs throughout the world. This enables us to develop face-to-face relationships, establish mutual understanding and trust, form productive and long-term partnerships, and develop cross-functional ChemPartner -client teams.”

With a dynamic force of synthetic and medicinal chemists, ChemPartner continues to be a leading chemistry service organization. The company has successfully designed and synthesized millions of molecules for hundreds of pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. However, ChemPartner does not just focus on chemistry.

“Chemistry is a cornerstone business for ChemPartner, and we continue to invest in China and the US. Leveraging our expanded service portfolio, we couple chemistry together with our biology and DMPK capabilities to deliver a truly integrated solution for discovering chemical “hits” and transforming them into candidate drugs.

ChemPartner’s rapid growth in biologics mirrors the industry trend, and our biologics team has the expertise to discover, express, purify, and analyze monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.”

“As our clients’ programs progress to first-in-human studies, our CMO companies, China Gateway Pharmaceutical Development and China Gateway Biologics, seamlessly transfer projects from late preclinical into early stage clinical development, process development, and cGMP manufacturing services.”

Because the pharmaceutical research and development landscape is constantly evolving, ChemPartner must remain ahead of the curve. Livia explains that ChemPartner stays on the leading edge through continued advancements.

“As science-driven and technology-based CRO, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to serve the rapidly changing needs of our clients. We build for the future by remaining on the forefront of science and technology. To this end, we listen to our clients, participate in the industry meetings, and consult our Scientific Advisory Board to identify emerging trends and ensure we remain current and competitive. Further, we attract talent with key expertise and develop future leaders through mentoring, training, and educational programs, including an international visiting scientist program.”

Lastly, with ChemPartner aiming to capitalize on its recent success, Livia confirms that the strong organization will continue to work hard and smart to provide high-quality services to their clients and sustain a successful future for the company.

“ChemPartner’s success is powered by the success of our clients. We will continue to align our goals, develop innovative solutions, and execute our clients to successfully bring new medicines to market.”

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