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The Peptide leadership at ChemPartner’s San Francisco site offers a unique blend of US-based project team leadership with the cost-effective backing of a 30+ strong peptide chemistry group in Shanghai.  Our projects are truly partnered with biotech and pharmaceutical clients, both large and small, to advance therapeutic candidates. The ChemPartner team excels in combining peptide design and synthesis efforts to drive projects forward and efficiently deliver on client specified design goals and project timelines.  Multiple client projects have been successfully executed through the San Francisco- and Shanghai-based peptides blended team.


The US-based peptide leadership offers:

  • Leaders with 20+ years of experience leading therapeutic peptide discovery programs at US-based biotech and pharmaceutical companies
  • Expertise in peptide chemistry, including solid phase and liquid phase peptide synthesis, peptide conjugates, and peptidomimetics as well as new bioconjugation techniques
  • Efficient collaboration between the US and Shanghai teams to thoroughly review data, troubleshoot technical issues, and deliver results with data-driven recommendations on strategy and the path forward
  • Strong, open lines of communication in all directions
  • As with all our chemistry teams, the peptide group offer multiple, efficient ways to communicate with clients including biweekly project team meetings, slide presentations, access to up-to-date project status, and real-time discussions during normal business hours in North America
  • Temperature controlled labs fully equipped with Biotage Syro II parallel peptide synthesizers with heating and inert gas, mass directed auto purification HPLC, and high capacity lyophilizers
  • Supporting purification and analytical capability for synthetic route scouting and method development for efficient method transfer to the Shanghai team
  • Peptide design and synthesis support capabilities including:
    • Peptide design in San Francisco coupled with computational design in San Francisco and Shanghai
    • Lead optimization
    • Client Consultation on project scope
    • Feasibility studies
    • Synthesis method development
    • Process development and scale-up


The Shanghai-based peptide team offers:

  • Strong group leadership with20+ years’ experience in peptide synthesis, characterization, and conjugation combined with strong unnatural amino acid and building block synthesis experience
  • 2 Biotage Syro II parallel peptide synthesizers to enable small and large library syntheses as well as supporting purification and characterization instrumentation
  • Peptide Synthesis Expertise:
    • Macrocycles and macrocycle libraries
    • Multiple disulfide bridged peptides
    • Hydrocarbon bridge “stapled” peptides
    • 1,2,3-Triazole cyclic or bridged peptides
    • Novel linker synthesis and novel peptide backbone modifications
    • Unnatural amino acid building blocks synthesis and peptoids
    • Labeled peptides
    • Peptide conjugates
    • Cyclic peptides
    • Peptide libraries


Peptide Synthesis Capabilities:

  • Peptide synthesis scale: up to 20g
  • Unnatural amino acid building blocks synthesis scale: up to 20g
  • MW range: up to 100 amino acids
  • Purity: 85%-99% (as needed by client)
  • Salt exchange
  • QC: LCMS (identity) and RP-HPLC (purity)


1F & 3F, Block A
2829 JinKe Road
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
PuDong New Area
Shanghai China, 201203


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