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ChemPartner has a comprehensive ADC (Antibody-Drug Conjugate) research and development platform and over a decade of experience. With a robust team specializing in linker-payload design synthesis, antibody discovery, and ADC conjugation as well as in vitro and in vivo validation, for a tailored, all-in-one service from target or toxin initiation to pre-clinical.

Our experienced chemistry team has designed and synthesized hundreds of linkers and payloads (including toxins and non-toxins), providing continuous support for the ADC research. We excel in the development of ADC compounds featuring hydrophilic groups, charged moieties, click chemistry, branched multi-drug linkers, and bio-orthogonal linkers. We also possess a catalog of linker-toxin products. With a wealth of experience in various conjugation and analytical methods, we can also swiftly develop customized ADC conjugation approaches.


According to client requirements, we optimize cytotoxic or non-cytotoxic payloads.

Cytotoxic Payloads

  • Auristatins (MMAE and MMAF)
  • Tubulysin
  • PBD Dimer
  • Maytansinoids (DM-1, DM-4)
  • Duocarmycin
  • Camptothecin (Exatecan, DXd, Topotecan, SN38, etc.)
  • Doxrubicin (DOX, PNU-159682 derivatives, etc.)

Non-cytotoxic Payloads

  • TLR agonists
  • Steroids
  • STING agonists
  • LXR agonists
  • VDR agonists
  • THR-beta agonists

Linker Technologies

Based on the drug release mechanism, we design and synthesize ADC linkers (cleavable and non-cleavable, self-immolation, and peptide). Additionally, we can provide various specialized linkers such as branched, highly hydrophilic, and more.

Cleavable Linkers

  • Enzyme Cleavage
    • Lysosome cleavage
    • Cathepsin cleavage
    • β-Glucuronidase cleavage
    • Esterase cleavage
    • Phosphatase cleavage
  • Reducible disulfide linker
  • pH Sensitive Linker
    • Orthoester and acetal, ketal and dialkyl or diaryldialkoxysilane, carbonate, hydrazine


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