CRO / CDMO Services

Our mission at ChemPartner is to provide our global clients with the highest quality drug discovery, development, and manufacturing in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Over the past twenty years, ChemPartner has evolved from the pure chemistry service provider to a research innovation engine with a broad portfolio of services spanning from discovery through development in both small molecule and large molecule therapeutics.

Shanghai ChemPartner, which includes ChemPartner and ChemPartner Biologics, offers a broad range of drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services including discovery chemistry and biologics, biology, pharmacology, DMPK, and exploratory toxicology as well as biologics CMC development and manufacturing.

As more and more pharmaceutical and biotech companies look for alliance partners to provide intellectual contributions and exceptional technical expertise, ChemPartner is uniquely positioned to not only be a service provider, but to be a true biopharmaceutical alliance partner.

Discovery Chemistry

One of the largest and most experienced chemistry discovery organizations having designed and synthesized millions of molecules for hundreds of global organizations

Biology and Pharmacology

Serving key bio-therapeutic areas, including oncology, cell biology, immunology, inflammation, and neuroscience, and providing assays and disease models to drive discovery

DMPK and Exploratory Tox

A science-based culture executing DMPK and tox studies and integrating quality data into drug discovery programs and supporting regulatory filings worldwide

Discovery Biologics

A comprehensive offering for monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins from conceptual design to IND filing: discover, engineerexpress, purify, and analyze 

Biologics CMC/CDMO

Experts at seamlessly transitioning biologics from discovery to CMC development and onto manufacturing to meet mAb production demands for clinical and commercial launch


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