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ChemPartner’s biologics analytical team offer full range of biologics analytical, biophysical capabilities supporting discovery and development of preclinical antibodies/therapeutic proteins. 

  Parameter Method
Primary Sequence Composition Amino acid analysis (AAA)
Sequence confirmation Peptide mapping, LC-MS/MS
Glycosylation analysis  LC-MS/MS
Disulfide bond shuffling LC-MS/MS
Charge analysis cIEF, IEX
Degradation SEC, RPC, SDS-PAGE, cIEF, IEX, HIC
Secondary Structure CD
Tertiary Structure Intrinsic fluorescence
2nd derivative UV
Aggregation Aggregates SEC-MALLS, SDS-PAGE
Size Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)
Thermal Stability Capillary DSC
High throughput DLS
Activity Biacore, ELISA, Cell based assays


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