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ChemPartner’s immunologists specialize in in vitro assays involving adoptive and innate immune responses with the use of various types of immune cells. Our team is highly experienced in the evaluation of immune cell activation/proliferation/differentiation, cytokine release, signal molecules, receptor binding, and cell-cell interaction. We have helped hundreds of our global pharmaceutical and biotech clients with drug discovery for cancer immunotherapy and autoimmune diseases

Besides our extensive array of phenotypic and functional in vitro models, the efficacy and Mode of Action (MOA) of client compounds can further be characterized by the in vivo pharmacodynamics (PD) and pharmacological models of human diseases, including respiratory inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, skin inflammatory diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, and systemic inflammation. Our powerful ex vivo analysis tools (including FACS, Luminex, Quantigene, ELISPOT, and others) provide many routes for MOA understanding and biomarker discovery.

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