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The tumor immunology platform at ChemPartner combines expertise from chemistry, biologics, DMPK and biology pharmacology, provides integrated services or functional services covering the broad scope of cancer immunotherapy drug discovery.

Our Immuno-Oncology platform offers a battery of in vitro screening assays, including Functional Assay Panels which investigates functional changes of various types of immune cells, or Target-Specific Assays for both Antibody Targets and Small Molecule Targets. Moreover, with the use of well-established mouse syngeneic models (parental or engineered) and humanized pharmacology models across different cancer types, the efficacy and Mode of Action (MOA) of the test articles can further be explored and characterized. With our pharmacology support, many clients’ projects have reached clinical development stage. Last but not least, our ex vivo analysis platform covering multiple methods/readouts/samples sources, serves as powerful tools on MOA understanding and Biomarker discovery. By taking full advantage of platform resources, extensive historical data on I/O therapy and also systemic screening of TILs (Tumor-infiltrating Leukocytes), we are committed to work together with you to advance your I/O drug discovery in the most efficient way possible.

Platform Overview

ChemPartner has extensive drug discovery experience and offers “ready to use” assay sets for IO targets.



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