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ChemPartner has served many clients, not only in discovery research but also in regulated bioanalysis. We have a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer laboratory for small molecule/peptide bioanalysis and ELISA/MSD laboratory for large molecule bioanalysis. We have GLP/GCLP compliance bioanalytical lab with established Watson-LIMS system for clinical sample Receiving/Tracking/Storage and data management.

Biomarker, Small Molecule Bioanalysis

The bioanalytical group at ChemPartner offers high-quality services for qualitative and quantitative drug, metabolite, and biomarker analysis in a variety of matrices. We routinely develop methods to support biology and pharmacology studies, including methods for oncology to identify hundreds of metabolites semi-quantitatively. LC/MS methods have been set up to replace biochemical and cell assays because of mass spec specificity and sensitivity.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories have the latest instrumentation such as Q Exactive orbitrap,  G2-S QTOF and API6500 plus. We have developed more than 50000 methods for discovery support and biomarker analysis. We perform method validation and sample analysis with GLP compliance for clinical studies adhering to FDA, EMA, NMPA and ICH guidelines. We also perform toxicokinetic analysis in support of GLP preclinical safety assessments.

With mass spectrometry, we provide sample analysis for in vitro ADME and PK studies such as metabolite ID, phenotyping of drug-metabolizing enzymes, assessments of P450 inhibition and induction, and PK evaluation in different animal species.

Biomarker, Large Molecule Bioanalysis

Over the years, ChemPartner’s PK, BA, and biomarker scientists have worked closely together and accumulated extensive experience with large molecule targets. We are excited to offer our large molecule PK/BA services to our clients.

We have deep understanding of the challenges in dealing with diversified large molecules and are proud of our capability in this area. By employing various advanced technologies, we have worked with a number of pharmaceutical and biotech companies on a wide range of targets:

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