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With strong scientific expertise and extensive ready-to-use models, our oncology team supports drug discovery for novel target validation, in vitro compound profiling, in vivo PKPD and efficacy studies, and translational medicine.

Working together with our clients, thousands of oncology drug discovery studies have been conducted, many of which are now in clinical trials or having been approved by the FDA for clinical use.

At ChemPartner, we believe in being at the cutting edge of science, which is why we never stop building our expertise in new technologies and emerging new research areas such as cancer metabolism, epigenetics, and immuno-oncology. We are committed to delivering the highest quality science and the very best customer experience. Together we can and will make a difference in science, and in cancer patients’ lives.

Anti-Tumor Efficacy Study in Subcutaneous, Orthotopic, and Systemic Models

Once a compound showed efficacy in vitro, it can be transferred to our in vivo team to test its in vivo efficacy. In vivo PK study and maximal tolerance dose (MTD) determination are often needed prior to the in vivo efficacy test. Depending on targets and mechanisms, the in vivo efficacy will be conducted in xenograft models (CDX/PDX) or syngeneic models (immuno-oncology related). The readouts will be tumor volume, body weight, clinical signs, tumor weight, and tumor pictures at the study termination or overall survival.

PK/PD Study in Tumor Bearing Animal

It is important to obtain a compound’s PKPD profile to understand the correlation between compound exposure and target engagement/PD effect to better understand and improve efficacy. PK/PD study is often done using tumor-bearing mice with drug concentrations being quantified by LC/MS and the PD effect being assessed by Western blot, qPCR, FACS, ELISA, LC/MS/MS, IHC, etc.

New Model Development

ChemPartner has 270+ established CDX models and 500+ PDX models, including subcutaneous, orthotopic, and systemic models. In addition to our established models, we can also develop new xenograft models for our clients in 8-10 weeks for CDX or 4-6 months for PDX models.


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