ChemPartner to showcase cutting edge researches at AACR

Multi-omics approach to elucidate mechanism of cancer drug resistance

SHANGHAI – [Apr. 13th, 2015] –  ChemPartner, a leading science driven, technology based, high quality preclinical research partner for healthcare companies around the world, will unveil its technological advancement to help answer basic and clinical research questions on cancer drug resistance, at the upcoming AACR Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA on April 18th- 22nd.

ChemPartner scientists started with the more clinically relevant PDX models. Rather than using cell lines exposed to treatments in tissue culture to generate drug-resistance, an in vivo long term drug exposure was utilized to generate a drug insensitive version of the disease. Such resistance was generated in the context of tumor-host interaction, much closer to real patient situation. A primary tumor cell line was then generated from a tumor developed on long-term sorafenib treatment, as well as another cell line derived from PDX tumor without sofafenib treatment. Team at ChemPartner continued to perform microarray analyses and RT-qPCR verification, whole exome sequencing, RNA-seq, and metabolomic analyses on these two cell lines, followed by data analysis and integration by bioinformatics team. The findings from this multiple-omics approach will be presented at the AACR annual meeting in Philadelphia next week.

ChemPartner Oncology has been providing services to over 150 global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies since 2006. It is best known for its biggest cell panel (with over 700 cell lines) and most comprehensive assays for epigenetic enzyme (130+ epigenetic enzymes) along with extensive experience in cancer metabolism, epigenetics and tumor immunology research. In recent years, ChemPartner Oncology also established close collaborations with hospitals to expand translational research through an affiliate, Clinical Explorer. Patient-derived-xenograft models are among the fruitful results of such collaborations. Building on the deep and growing expertise in preclinical research and biomarker studies, Clinical Explorer strives to become THE ‘bench-to-bedside’ enterprise of translating knowledge from the basic sciences into the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics.


About ChemPartner & ShanghPharma:
The service division of the ShangPharma group, ChemPartner, is a leading research organization providing high-quality and cost-effective services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The company offers a broad range of high-quality, integrated services across the drug discovery and development process to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the globe. ChemPartner’s services consist of discovery biologics, discovery chemistry, discovery biology and preclinical development, pharmaceutical development, small molecule and biologics manufacturing services.

With the mission of providing and developing cutting edge science and technology to help its partners develop important new therapies, the ShangPharma Group includes divisions wholly focused on enabling new technologies (‘ShangPharma Technologies’) and investing in early stage ideas (‘ShangPharma Investments’) that provide the innovative foundations for future drug therapies.

ShangPharma aims, through all its divisions, to create ShangPharma aims, through all its divisions, to create an ecosystem to allow close interaction between major hospitals and academic centers, by matching them with pharma, biotech, and research institutes it can enable the success of all. The group is actively investing, licensing, and forming partnerships to better serve the healthcare industry.

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