Shanghai ChemPartner Sponsors Peptide Therapeutic Foundation(PTF)

Shanghai, China (October 25, 2017) – Shanghai ChemPartner today announced their sponsorship of the Peptide Therapeutics Foundation (PTF), a not-for-profit organization established to promote the research and development of peptide therapeutics.

ChemPartner, a leading research organization, is a true partner in therapeutic peptide drug discovery and offers high-quality and cost-effective integrated partnerships for the biopharmaceutical industry. ChemPartner’s dedication to life science can be seen in all the integrated services from discovery biologics, discovery peptide and medicinal chemistry, discovery biology, through preclinical development, DMPK and CMC. The company serves a diverse global client base with laboratories, business offices, and representatives in the US, Europe, China, and Japan. ChemPartner’s center of excellence in South San Francisco, California has extensive industry experience in peptide, medicinal, synthetic, analytical and computational chemistry as well as biologics.

“We are excited to be a corporate sponsor of the Peptide Therapeutics Foundation. PTF brings the biopharmaceutical industry together to discuss and develop all aspects of peptide R&D. ChemPartner has always been at the forefront of science and technology. This sponsorship is a testament to our commitment to moving healthcare forward,” said Yvonne Angell, Director of Peptide Chemistry at ChemPartner.

The chemists at ChemPartner have designed and synthesized millions of molecules and peptides for hundreds of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. A large number of these have contributed to the clinical development pipelines of the company’s biopharmaceutical partners, including an array of early-phase clinical candidates, and a recent entry into Phase III clinical studies for a major pharmaceutical client.

ChemPartner understands how important peptides are as a class of therapeutics as there are more than 60 approved peptide drugs in the United States and other markets. Therefore, this sponsorship is a step forward towards innovation and the advancement of global health.


About ChemPartner
Shanghai ChemPartner is a full-service life science CRO with over 15 years of pharmaceutical research experience. With a team of over 2000 experienced scientists, hundreds of western-trained pharmaceutical industry leaders, and experienced pharmaceutical executive leadership at the helm, ChemPartner is aligned and dedicated to technically and strategically accomplishing the research initiatives of pharma and biotech companies worldwide.

Livia Legg, MS, Chief Commercial Officer

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