Drug Discovery Advanced with Modern Externalized Models

Presented by Dr. Sarah Lively, Vice President of Innovation and New Technology at ChemPartner

The world of external support to advance drug discovery has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. We are now in a position where we can truly rely on external partners to ‘get the job done’ and can run our programs almost entirely virtually from early target validation all the way through IND enabling studies, FIH, and beyond. This talk will explain some of the newer working models of support and the innovative ways service providers are finding to support their customers. In particular, it will focus on the science around select case studies in oncology and neuroscience where ChemPartner has partnered with groups to push projects efficiently to a key inflection point.

These case studies will showcase the key decision-making criteria biopharmaceutical companies use to determine their ‘partner of choice.’ Additionally, we’ll review the kinds of high-end science that pharma and biotech companies can now find outside of their own walls and how groups can come together to achieve common goals. Lastly, we’ll discuss ways to form strategic partnerships with different groups in a real ‘win-win’ scenario where all partners participate in the upsides of success. This goes beyond traditional ‘risk share’ which are more ‘risk mitigation’ strategies on the part of groups looking to parse off risk where outcomes are less certain, but more where savvy groups come together for mutual benefit and true and lasting partnerships form.

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Assay Platforms for PROTAC in Drug Discovery and Beyond

Assay Platforms for PROTAC in Drug Discovery and Beyond

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EEG Analysis and Animal Behavior in CNS Drug Development

EEG Analysis and Animal Behavior in CNS Drug Development

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