Drugging the Undruggable Cancer Targets

Presented by Dr. Ming Liu, Senior Vice President of Biology and Pharmacology at ChemPartner Abstract:

Cancer is a multifactorial disease, and its genesis and progression are extremely complex. The scope of precision oncology is rapidly expanding to address previously undruggable targets. The term “undruggable” was used to describe proteins that could not be targeted pharmacologically. Many targets in cancer research fall into this category, including KRAS, which has eluded researchers for more than 30 years until recent landmark discoveries of AMG 510, MRTX 849, and BI 1701963. As clinical trials are vigorously advanced, efficacy, safety, resistance, and combination strategies are being carefully evaluated for those drug candidates. In addition to KRAS, there are other challenging targets such as P53, MYC, fusion transcription factors, immuno-suppressors,…etc.

The focus of this webinar is to provide an overview of strategies in drugging some perceived undruggable targets, with stories and case studies by scientists who strive to find these medicines and fill unmet patient needs.

Experienced in overcoming prior hurdles to find effective antagonists against cancer, as a R&D CRO, ChemPartner has utilized a wide range of integrated approaches such as medicinal chemistry, antibody-drug conjugates, monoclonal antibodies, in vitro biology assays, cell biology, immuno-oncology, pharmacology, and combination therapy to identify and tackle the problems that surround drug development for “undruggable” targets.

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