Employee Spotlight: Amy (Zichun) Wang, PhD

Employee Spotlight

Our employee spotlight series celebrates the accomplishments and expertise of our valued scientists and staff.

Amy (Zichun) Wang, PhD

Amy (Zichun) Wang, PhD

Senior Director of Cell Biology, Biology and Pharmacology Department

Q&A with Amy

What is your favorite part of your role here as a Director of Peptide Chemistry?

It brings me great satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment to employ our platform to advance our collaborators’ projects to their next significant milestone.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

Provided pivotal evidence to support first-in-class E7046 IND filing by establishing a human monocyte differentiation assay using healthy donor and cancer patient blood and multicolor flow cytometry method to demonstrate a dose-dependent effect of E7046 in inhibiting PGE2-induced type 2 macrophage differentiation and activation for translational research

What is something upcoming or happening now in your industry that excites you?

Varieties of new drug modalities (mRNA, ADC, PROTAC and Peptide, etc.) enter into the drug discovery and development central stage to drive improvements in the standard care.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Find something you are good at and don’t give up.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

I am a competitive ping-pong player and am passionate about travel. I love seeing the world!

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