Antibody Generation: Single B Cell Cloning vs. Hybridoma

Dr. Andreas Loos

A total of 33,377 plasma cells were screened from PD-L1-immunized mice and the secreted antibodies were tested for binders to PD-L1 and blockers of the interaction between PD-L1 and PD-1. The screening assays were completed and a total of 35 antibodies (BCC-Abs) that bound PD-L1 and blocked the interaction with PD-1 were identified on the day the mice were sacrificed. Single cell sequencing allowed the team to recover 24 paired VH/VL sequences, of which 23 could be expressed and purified.


What is something at ChemPartner you’re proud of?

I have established many different kinds of cell-based assay platforms and was responsible for. the set up of the CRISPR based library screening platform.

How has your career grown since starting at ChemPartner?

With help from my supervisors, I have been trained from a senior scientist to a principal scientist. And after working on many diverse projects with different team members, I am responsible for the training, supervising & managing of the team.

What is something in our industry or research that is new/exciting/innovative?

There are so many new targets, new platforms, and new technologies.

What’s a fun fact about you/something people don’t know?

I am learning to cook from the experts in Bilibili.

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