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ChemPartner’s hybridoma group provides premium monoclonal antibody services with our advanced hybridoma platform, which has been validated by more than 100 integrated therapeutic projects and a large number of reagent mAb projects. A number of key technologies are integrated into this platform to ensure the success of mAb development for therapeutic candidates and a broad range of assay applications.

To date, we have worked with biotechs, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes worldwide to successfully deliver antibodies meeting the desired specifications for their assays and product development. Our facility is fully AAALAC Accredited, and we offer comprehensive immunization strategies.

We are continuously improving our service platforms and expanding our capabilities in demanding areas such as multi-transmembrane domain proteins like GPCR/ion-channel, highly conserved targets, enzymes, and ADC antibody discovery.

Featured Services

  • Reagent Generation
  • Assay Development
  • Lead and Candidate Generation
  • Antibody Engineering
  • Biophysical Property
  • PK/In Vivo Efficacy
  • Preclinical studies

Key Technologies

  • Mirrorball
  • BD Canto II
  • PE EnVision
  • Acumen Microplate Cytometer
  • ForteBio OctetRED384
  • GE Biacore 8K
  • Carterra LSA


1F & 3F, Block A
2829 JinKe Road
Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
PuDong New Area
Shanghai China, 201203


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China: +86 21 5132 0088
US: +1 650 419 9974
Europe: +45 4586 9000