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ChemPartner’s phage display and high throughput screening group offers streamlined services for fully human therapeutic antibody discovery and optimization, also providing coherent protein engineering, immune library construction, and screening for general biologics development. Supported by our strong analytical capabilities and infrastructures in pharmacology, DMPK, and toxicology, we are well-positioned to provide globally competitive services with significant cost reduction.

  • Fully human therapeutic mAb discovery
  • Synthetic/naïve VHH therapeutic mAb discovery
  • Antibody optimization and affinity maturation

Human Naïve scFv Library

  • PBMCs isolation from 50+ diversified human donors
  • V-gene families cloning and assembling into phagemid
  • Phage library size 1010~11

Immune Library

  • Lymphocytes isolation from immunized animals
  • PBMCs from diseased human individuals
  • Multi-species (Ms, Rb, Hu, Alpaca) and diseases status 

Synthetic Libraries

  • Human synthetic scFv library
  • VHH library
  • Common light chain
  • Linear and Cyclic peptide library

Antibody Affinity Maturation

  • scFv affinity libraries construction by CDR targeted mutagenesis
  • Library panning against Ag at various conditions
  • Initial screening with ELISA and off-rate ForteBio ranking


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