Biomolecular Interaction Analysis


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Kinetics | Affinity | Thermodynamics
How fast, strong & why…
Is the binding of a lead antibody or compound?

How specific & selective…
Is this drug binding to its receptor?

How much…
Is the biologically active component in a production batch?

Various Types of Interaction Analysis

  • Antibody-antigen or receptor-ligand interaction characterization: affinity, kinetics
  • High-throughput compound library screening
  • KD measurement of compounds binding to target proteins
  • scFv or antibodies screening and ranking
  • Identifying the logical sequence of binding events for multimolecular complexes
  • Epitope binning, isotyping and cross-reactivity test of antibodies.

Biacore Models

  • Biacore X100
  • Biacore T200
  • Biacore 8K

ForteBio Model

  • Octet Red 384

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