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We offer PK analysis and PKPD modeling for monoclonal antibodies with either affinity-based ligand binding assays or LCMS/MS-based quantification.

High Quality In-Life and BA

Purpose: to evaluate PK property of mAb after IV infusion administration in cynomolgus monkeys (n=4/group)

Study Design:

Dose: 4, 6, or 7 mg/kg
Sampling: Serum collection for 9 time points till 25 post dosing

Results: Good differentiation of PK curve at 4, 6, 7 mg/kg dose level

PKPD in NHP – B Cell Depletion in Lymphoma

  • Animals were dosed at 10mg/kg IV bolus (N=2). 
  • Blood samples were collected until day 42 post dosing 
  • ELISA measurement for Rituxan concentration; FACS analysis for B cell counting

B cell depleted immediately after IV dosing and maintained at low level until 21 days when started to recover

LC-MS/MS Quantification of Humanized mAb

Monoclonal Antibodies

Can be used in:

  • Chimeric ab. BA
  • Humanized ab. BA
  • Human ab. BA

ELISA Quantification of Humanized mAb


  • Fast – no extensive method development required
  • Saving 
  • Easy – no antigen required

Antigen Method

Generic Method


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