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Kinases play essential roles in cell signal transduction, thereby regulating various physiological functions of cells; therefore, kinases are an essential drug target for many diseases. ChemPartner’s in vitro biology team has established nearly 200 kinase assays by using the world’s leading technologies and instruments, which cover the majority of kinase targets from various kinase subfamilies. The established kinase panel provides the comprehensive assay support for kinase drug discovery.

ChemPartner Kinase Panel

20 Kinase Panel Screen

In addition to the established kinase assays, our team chases the hotspots in kinase drug discovery and continues to develop more updated assays. For example, in terms of the acquired resistance from EGFR mutations, the newly developed kinase assays for various EGFR mutants fully support and accelerate the discovery of third-generation as well as the latest fourth-generation drugs for EGFR.


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