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Apart from antibody humanization and antibody discovery from phage display, ChemPartner’s antibody engineering department also offers sequence optimization and affinity maturation services.

We provide customized affinity maturation strategies [random mutagenesis (chain shuffling/error-prone PCR) or site-directed mutagenesis (soft or hard randomization)] based on initial antibody sequences and affinity. Panning and screening strategies are customized and designed for each project to meet the pre-defined criteria/deliverables.

  • Kd improvement to sub-nM to pM
    • Binding kinetics (off-rate) improvement
  • Both scFv and Fab formats may be used to generate CDR mutagenesis libraries (Random or Site-Directed Mutagenesis)
  • Libraries are panned against biotinylated Antigen or target cells at decreasing concentrations in solution
  • To select for pM binders, off-rate selection method will be employed. Unlabeled antigen is used for competition.
  • Enriched clones are produced in 96-well format and final ranking with high throughput Octet RED384
  • Best clones identified for full IgG conversion and extensive characterization by SPR assay and cell based functional assays
  • Standard timeline with full IgG delivery: 3 months for final KD~nM or 4-5 months for final KD~pM


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