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Immunogen and Antigen Preparation

  • Recombinant protein production and cell line development
  • Peptide and compound design and synthesis
  • DNA In vivo transfection

Binding Assays and Bioassays

  • Well-established assays
  • Assay development and optimization for hybridoma screening
  • Extensive functional assays for antibody characterization
 Item Well Established Assays
Functional Assays
Ligand binding/blocking assay (Protein based ELISA or cell based FACS)
Cell based or protein based enzymatic assays (such as CD38, CD39, CD73, complement pathway…)
Cell-based Functional Assays

30 + Established assays

Recombinant cell lines

Endogenous cell lines

Primary human PBMC

Primary NHP cells

Primary rodent cells

Ligand binding/blocking assay(FACS)
Proliferation assay
Apoptosis assay
Mixed Lymphocyte Reaction Assay
T Cell Stimulation Assay
Cell adhesion blocking assay
Migration assay
Soft agar colony formation assay
Phosphorylation/signaling assay
Luciferase reporter assay
Cytokine releasing assay
FLIPR assay
Antibody internalization assay
Whole blood assay
Lymphocytes/tumor cell co-culture killing assay

AAALAC accredited and licensed animal facility

Animal Immunization

  • Multiple Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) species: mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit
  • CPSJ mice with superior immune response
  • Transgenic mice for fully human antibody generation
  • Customized program based on target biology and assays

Hybridoma Development

  • High fusion efficiency electrofusion
  • ELISA/Acumen/Mirrorball screening and customized functional screening
  • Isotyping/epitope binning by ELISA/Octet and affinity ranking by Biacore/Octet
  • High throughput SPR/Epitope binning by LSA Carterra

Antibody Production

  • Working and master cell banking
  • In vitro production and affinity purification
  • Low endotoxin purification for bioassay and in vivo studies
  • Rigorous quality and functional characterization


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