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ChemPartner has provided a variety of radiometric assay services to a large number of customers and accumulated a wealth of experience in the last two decades. There are four types of radioisotopes ([3H], [14C], [33P], [35S]) available. The key assay formats include filter plate, SPA beads, Ffashplate, and Cytostar-T. This methodology is mainly used to detect methyl-transferase, transporter metabolite uptake, receptor-ligand binding, and receptor occupancy.

Methyl Transferase Activity Assay

Km Determination of 3H-SAM on HMT Activity Assay

Run-to-Run Correlation on HMT Activity with Flashplate

Ex Vivo Receptor Occupancy

RO/PK Correlation


  • Microbeta 2
  • PlateMate 2×3


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