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Mouse Clinical Trial in PDXs

Objective: to evaluate drug efficacy across 17 colorectal PDXs

Pre-defined Clinical Endpoints

  • Tumor Progression
    • A tumor volume change >73% by the end of treatement
  • Tumor Stasis
    • A tumor volume change between -66% and 73% by the end of treatment
  • Tumor Regression
    • A tumor volume change -66% by the end of treatment
  • Complete Tumor Regression
    • Non-palpable tumors

%TV = ((TV end of treatment – TV start of treatment)/TV start of treatment) x 100


Efficacy and Biomarker Assessment in PDXs

Cancer Res; 2017, 77(24);6999-7013

  • Efficacy of FGFR4 inhibitor in 30 HCC PDX models, and FGF19 IHC were all performed at ChemPartner
  • FGF19 expression level correlates well with drug efficacy, implicating that FGF19 overexpression is a predictive biomarker for FGFRi response.


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