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Our experienced teams at ChemPartner provide creative and innovative chemistry solutions for our clients’ chemical development projects. The quality of our chemical development services comes from innovative scientific approaches, effective communication, cross-functional coordination, and experienced project management. This allows us to build strong relationships with our clients with a strong emphasis on reliability, quality, and safety in order to meet their development timelines.


Our focus areas include:

  • Hazard and process safety evaluations, including calorimetry assessments
  • Environmental impact and footprint
  • Design, selection, and development of new manufacturing routes
  • Evaluation and optimization of processes for scale-up
  • Process improvement for cost reduction and throughput maximization
  • Process optimization by Design of Experiment (DoE) and One-Variable-At-a-Time (OVAT)
  • Process characterization as per ICH Q11/Quality by Design perspective to identify PAR, NOR, CPP, CIPC, etc.
  • Assessment of critical process parameters from a Quality by Design perspective
  • Scale-up in the kilo-lab and pilot plant
  • Cryogenic, pressure (including hydrogenation), and high temperature capabilities
  • cGMP API manufacturing capabilities
  • Large-scale manufacturing of high value intermediates and Registration Starting Materials (RSMs) from the kilogram to metric ton scale
  • Specification development for key intermediates, RSMs, and APIs



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